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Welcome to my site!  
Lampworked / flameworked glass-art is an old art-form. Lampworking dates back thousands of years. The techniques are thousands of years old, while the actual term lampworking goes back to the 17th century, as wax or oil-lamps were used for shaping the glass. Today gas- torches are being used.  

I work with borosilicate glass,also known as hard glass. Starting out with cut glass rods, I shape the glass in the flame by heating it to a molten stage, then I use different gathering, pushing- and pulling-techniques. It is all made freehand. No molds and minimal  use of tools.  


Sculptures, Sealife pendants and other Pendants. For available pieces, go to:
 Etsy :: Jill Elkins Glass Art  



  You'll also find my designed and signed jewelry on the necklace page.
I use my glass-pendants as focal, surrounded by all natural beautiful gemstones, pearls in nice graded quality, swarovski crystals and more. 

   Thank you for visiting!



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